List of products by brand Koch Chemie

Studio Design offers a range of items from ready-to-wear collections to contemporary objects. The brand has been presenting new ideas and trends since its creation in 2012.

Koch Chemie - 1K-Nano - Nano - lacquer sealing - 250ml
The 1K Nano Network bonds firmly to the paint and forms an extremely smooth, high-gloss, chemical-, UV-radiation- and abrasive-resistantpaint sealant on the basis of innovativereactive substances. Special additives give the paint an extreme deep gloss.
Koch Chemie - Allround Quick Shine - Detailer 500ml
The all-round genius cleans, maintains and preserves all smooth and painted surfaces (paint, glass, plastics, furniture, etc.). Ideally suited as cockpit care and for the after-treatment of paint and glass surfaces after washing, as well as a quick finish. Produces a clean and shiny surface in just one application. Previously applied polishes or waxes remain..
New product
Koch Chemie - Brush Cover - Waschbürstenüberzug
Koch Chemie - Brush Cover ist ein Waschbürstenüberzug der besonders schonend zum Lack ist und die Oberfläche vor Schmutzpartikeln aufgrund eins eingenähten Netzes schützt.
Koch Chemie - Dirt eraser 5-pack
Abrasive, cleaning-active special sponge for removing stubborn stains and soiling such as rubber abrasion, pen stains, tea and coffee stains, grease stains, chewing gum residues, tar stains, etc. from hard surfaces.
Koch Chemie - Fresh Up Fu - Odour Killer - 1L
The sprayable special product for the destruction of unpleasant odors in the vehicle interior caravans, boats, sanitary, residential and commercial premises. The odor molecules of tobacco smoke animal odors, rotting processes, etc.