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ADBL creates solutions for the automotive market that support the protection, care and renovation of vehicles.

The great peculiarity of ADBL is that they are one of the few companies in this industry that carry out the manufacturing process from conception, through formulation development and manufacture, to packaging.

The chemical agents and accessories offered by ADBL are used by professional vehicle conditioners as well as by enthusiasts and vehicle enthusiasts, for whom quality and effectiveness are paramount.

ADBL - Clay Mitt - Knethandschuh
ADBL - Clay Mitt ist ein Knethandschuh mit Polymerschicht und ist eine Alternative für die traditionelle Reinigungsknete.
ADBL - Clay Sponge - Knetschwamm
ADBL - Clay Sponge ist ein Knetschwamm mit dem Teer, Harz, Asphalt, Insektenreste und andere hartnäckige Verschmutzungen problemlos entfernt werden können.