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Menzerna has been setting standards in the development and production of polishing pastes for industry and trade since 1888. Menzerna's customers are professionals with the highest demands on polished surfaces. A precise understanding and extensive formulation know-how for the requirements of its customers have made Menzerna a specialist and technology leader for industrially processed polishing agents.

Menzerna products guarantee the highest quality and economy. All areas of application of industrial polishing are covered with more than 200 innovative recipes.

Every car enthusiast wants a flawlessly shiny paintwork surface. In order for the paint surface to shine or to remove traces of use or defects from painting processes, the paint must be polished out.

Polish for all colors. Polishing your car to a high gloss has never been easier than with the polishes and care products from Menzerna.

Whether heavy cut, one-step, medium cut, high-gloss polishes or sealants, at Menzerna you get honest premium results without silicones and fillers in the shortest possible time with a gloss that lasts.

Menzerna offers car polishes for the four common polishing stages that are precisely tailored to the requirements of vehicle preparation and paint shops. Innovative recipes with the latest polishing technology generate a high level of economic efficiency.

Menzerna - Medium Cut Polish 2500 - 1L
Menzerna - Medium Cut Polish 2500 1L ist der Klassiker zur schnellen Beseitigung und Reinigung von Schleifspuren.
Menzerna - One-Step Polish 3in1 - 1L
Menzerna - One-Step Polish 3in1 1L ist eine Medium Cut Politur, Hochglanzfinish und Versiegelung in einem.