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Koch Chemie

Since 1968 Koch‑Chemie stands for high-quality cleaning and care products in the fields of washing chemistry, detailing, workshop and industry. Tradition, which is characterized by constant improvements and attention to detail: Excellence for Experts. We are one of the few companies in our industry that researches, produces and sells its own products. 

Since 2017 Koch‑Chemie has been part of the French family business Novarc Group. The group is a global partner for customers in the automotive and electrical industries. Koch‑Chemie's own independent structure and identity continues to develop and benefits from the synergies within the group. The integration of Koch‑Chemie into a larger group of companies with a European and global orientation offers great advantages: the joint use of networks, product, purchasing and sales know-how as well as intercultural exchange.

Koch Chemie - Nano Magic Plast Care - Plastic care 500ml
Cares for and protects all exterior plastic parts (trim, rubbers, etc.). The treated parts regain their original, like-new appearance and are protected from harmful environmental influences. The premium product from the professional vehicle care with inimitable durability.
Koch Chemie - Reactive Wheel Cleaner - Rim cleaner 750ml
Reactive, acid-free rim cleaner with performance indicator and gloss additives for thorough and gentle cleaning of high-quality rims. Powerful dirt carriers disperse and dissolve stubborn dirt. With gloss and beading effect.
Koch Chemie - Allround Quick Shine - Detailer 500ml
The all-round genius cleans, maintains and preserves all smooth and painted surfaces (paint, glass, plastics, furniture, etc.). Ideally suited as cockpit care and for the after-treatment of paint and glass surfaces after washing, as well as a quick finish. Produces a clean and shiny surface in just one application. Previously applied polishes or waxes remain..
Koch Chemie - Protect Leather Care - Leather Care 500ml
High-quality emulsion for the care of all leather parts. Creates a color-refreshing, supple result and intensifies the incomparable leather scent. Gives all types of leather the necessary care and a pleasantly soft feel..
Koch Chemie - Fresh Up Fu - Odour Killer - 1L
The sprayable special product for the destruction of unpleasant odors in the vehicle interior caravans, boats, sanitary, residential and commercial premises. The odor molecules of tobacco smoke animal odors, rotting processes, etc.
Koch Chemie - Reinigungsknete blau - Cleaning clay mild 200g
Removes even stubborn deposits such as tree sap and insects, rust film, industrial dust, paint mist,tar, limescale stains, etc. gently from smooth surfaces such as paintwork and glass without attacking ordamaging them. Optimal for intensive cleaning before the polishing process or before wiper changes..
Koch Chemie - Reinigungsknete rot - Cleaning clay red - abrasive
Removes even the most stubborn deposits such as tree sap and insects, rust film, industrial dust, paint mist,tar, lime stains, etc. from smooth surfaces such as heavily weathered / dirty paintwork and glass.Optimal for intensive cleaning before the polishing process or before wiper changes..
Koch Chemie - Hartwachs BMP S0.01 - Finish Wax - 1L
Hard Wax BMP is the ideal sprayable premium long-term preservative for all paints and various plastics. By a special mixture of particularly hard and resistant special waxes cleans, maintains and preserves. Hard Wax BMP the treated surfaces and gives them for months a captivating deep shine and a unique smoothness..
Koch Chemie - Polish Set 1 - 1L
Koch Chemie - Heavy Cut H9.01 - Coarse Sanding Polish (Silicone Oil Free) - 1L
Koch Chemie - Fine Cut F6.01 - Fine Sanding Polish (Silicone Oil Free) - 1L
Koch Chemie - Micro Cut M3.02 - Micro Sanding Polish (Silicone Oil Free) - 1L
Koch Chemie - Nano Magic Shampoo Nms - 10kg
High-tech shine shampoo with premium preservation for manual vehicle washing. Theunique combination of innovative cleaning and sealing components forms a longlasting dirt- and water-repellent nano layer (lotus effect). The treated surfacesare protected from aggressive environmental influences..