Our range of polishes and other accessories and aids such as polishing pads, cleaning clay and polish removal cloths that are required when polishing a vehicle.

Koch Chemie - Lambswool - Pad - 80mm
Extra dense and tug-resistant (lint-free) natural - lambskin - pad for processing grinding polishes. Lambskin is the polishing medium with the highest abrasiveness and is therefore ideal for removing heavy weathering, deep scratches and sanding. Top quality with high durability.
Koch Chemie - Reinigungsknete blau - Cleaning clay mild 200g
Removes even stubborn deposits such as tree sap and insects, rust film, industrial dust, paint mist,tar, limescale stains, etc. gently from smooth surfaces such as paintwork and glass without attacking ordamaging them. Optimal for intensive cleaning before the polishing process or before wiper changes..
Soft99 - Glass Compound Z - Glaspolitur 100ml
Soft99 - Glass Compound Z ist eine Glaspolitur, die zur perfekten Vorbereitung der Windschutzscheibe vor dem Aufbringen einer Glasversiegelung dient.